Decor storage is something I’ve always struggled with in this tiny house, and with my decor obsession.  There’s holiday decor, there’s seasonal decor, and then there’s the Homegoods-obsession decor.  Because I like my house to feel fresh, and “pretty” at all times, I often change out what is on my mantle, what throw pillows and blankets are displayed on my beds & sofas, and what centerpieces and linens are creating my tablescapes.  I also don’t like to donate, sell, or trash any of my old decor because I know I will use it again; hence why decor storage is a real problem!  Here’s how I try to organize my surplus of home “things”.

I store all of my home decor in three ways.

Everyday Decor

The first is a shelf in my office that holds all of my “used-often” things such as everyday table runners, neutral throw pillows, greenery & florals, and candles.  These are the items that I switch out often depending on my mood.  I store my candles and greenery here so I can access those easily every time I change what’s on my mantle, or dining room table.  I store neutral throw pillows here, because they can act as fillers to any color scheme when I change up what’s on my bed or sofa (which happens more often than it should).


You might also notice my easy way to store wrapping paper, which involves the cutest metal bucket from Magnolia. The exact bucket is sold out, but here’s a similar one.  It looks cute, and your wrapping paper doesn’t get smooshed and creased!

Seasonal Decor / Serving Pieces

As you know from my complaints in every blog post, our house is small.  In addition to being small, our house is built on a slab and does not have a basement.  Our attic is not easily-accessible either (I ask myself why we live here everyday), so we were forced to get creative in the way we store things.  We found these awesome plastic storage cabinets from Home Depot that literally solved almost all of our storage problems.  At least our decor storage problems!

In here, we store seasonal items such as summer serving trays, lemonade pitchers, and Holiday serving platters.  We also use this space to store our decorative plates, dishes, fragile wine glasses, appetizer plates, and tablescape items.


Holiday Decor

For our Christmas decor, Easter decor, Thanksgiving, etc. we use large tupperware bins with labels (if you saw my post on linen closet organization, you know I’m a fan of storage bins with labels) and carefully place all holiday items within those bins and store in our attic.  We only pull these out once a year, so having them in the attic is not a big deal.  I do not have a photo of this, but I am sure you can all imagine what a plastic bin in an attic looks like!  And for Christmas tree ornaments, we use these stackable bins with small dividers made for ornaments from Target.  They are the best for safely storing the fragile ornaments.

I hope these tips help you organize and prioritize your decor if you have a small house, or just want to make it easy to find everything when you change out the furnishings in your home as often as I do!  And if you missed Part 1 and Part 2 of my Spring Cleaning segment, you can see how I organize my linen closet and my tiny bathroom!