If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me complain about our tiny house before, hence the need for small bathroom organization.  Our bathrooms are no different than the rest of the rooms in the house – teeny tiny, itty bitty.   We have 1 full bath, and 1 half bath.  Today, I am talking about how I organized our small half bathroom to maximize storage space and functionality without compromising how cute and charming the bathroom actually is.   Because let’s face it – how pretty the bathroom is, is just as important as how functional it is!

The easy thing about a half bathroom, is that there isn’t much needed in there.  You need some toilet paper, soap, and towels and that’s it!  Here are the ways I stocked our 4’x5′ bathroom with everything it needs!

Hand Towel Storage

We’ve all seen the standard over-the-toilet cabinets.  Ehh, functional, but not my fav.  I opted for a cute metal mailbox that I found at Homegoods to store the extra hand towels.

Something that’s unique and different, but can serve as a shelf or basket is perfect.   It’s decor, and storage – win, win.  Here, here, and here are a few other shelving baskets that would work great for hand towel (and other bathroom supply) storage!

Toilet Paper Storage

For those of you that store the extra rolls of toilet paper in a hallway closet – have you ever been in the bathroom {mid-pee} and had to yell for your husband to bring in more toilet paper?  Guilty…until now (although usually he’s the reason there’s an empty toilet paper roll left in the first place, but that’s a whole different issue).  So, my main concern when redecorating this bathroom, was to come up with a storage solution in the bathroom, I also wanted to hide the plumbing from our pedestal sink, so a jute basket was the perfect solution.  This basket can hold about 15 rolls of toilet paper, so it’s perfect for our closet-less bathroom.

Hopefully these hacks will help you to organize your small bathroom and make it equally as functional as it is charming!  And if you missed my Spring Cleaning Part 1 post about organizing your linen closet, you can find that here!  You’re on your way to a clean and organized home!