I’m going to start with a quick confession…I’ve set my table twice (two different ways) for Easter, and we aren’t even hosting.  Nope, not one person will eat at these place settings.  Not one.  I can’t lie to you guys.  This was purely for my styling-obsessed self, and my love of decor.   Ok, phew – I got that out of the way.  But c’mon…look at these tables!

I decided to style our table in two different ways to prove to my all-black-everything loving self that setting the table for Easter can include black accents.  And drum roll please……..it works!  The other table I styled was done with the traditional pastels and florals.  I can’t decide if I love one more than the other, they’re both beautiful.


Another confession…the flatware is plastic!  I re-set my table so often, that I try to use as many inexpensive pieces as possible.  This time around, the plastic gold flatware was my biggest win.  It’s a simple and easy way to achieve a certain design without breaking the bank.

Another tip to a beautiful table with dimension, is to layer your dishes.  For my pastel + floral table, I bought floral vintage-inspired plates at Homegoods (on sale for $5 each).  Real vintage plates can also be found at antique stores and flea markets, but I found them at my trusty Homegoods store first so I scooped them up.    Also at Homegoods, I found plastic, grey vintage-inspired plates which were perfect to layer in between my everyday white china for the black striped tablescape.

My dining room table is a wooden farm table that I bought at a flea market, so the rustic wood also naturally adds dimension.  If you don’t have a farm house table, but still like the dimension and texture that the wood adds, try a wooden charger plate underneath your china!   

After adding table runners, place mats, greenery centerpieces, and my favorite turquoise glasses – my table(s) are set!

These are my simple ways of designing a table fit for Easter hosting!  Both tables cost me under $60 each, since I was able to shop-my-house, and buy inexpensive china and flatware.

Good luck to you all when decorating your tables for Easter! Hopefully these tips & inspiration will help you!  And if you need something quick and easy to add to your Easter menu, try out my favorite Easter side dish!

Here are the sources to everything I used:

Pastel + Floral Table

striped table runner (similar; made myself with fabric) | vintage plates (similar; found mine at Homegoods) | antique wine-bottle glasses | artificial eucalyptus | pastel pink vases (similar) | gold flatware | white napkins

Black Striped Table

easter placemats (similar) | white china | black striped napkins | grey vintage plastic plates (found mine at Homegoods) | gold flatware | antique wine-bottle glasses | artificial greenery wreath (turned upside down) | turqoise lantern