Magnolia Market has become a tourist attraction for thousands of people – weekly.  I am no different than any other Chip & Joanna fan, and planned a girls trip to Waco to experience the compound that the infamous couple has created.  Any change you get to go – GO.  You will not be disappointed.  It is so much more than a home decor store…SO much more!

Just being in Waco gave me all the feels.  My eyes were peeled to each and every house as we drove through the town, wondering if we’d pass any that had been featured on Fixer Upper.  Although I don’t think we drove past any of the houses, once we pulled up to the Silos, I felt like I was instantly BFF’s with Chip and Jo.   Is that weird?  I felt like I knew them just from being there.  Just me?  Hmm..Ok.

We started at the Silos bakery, and all 10 of us got something different – from ‘Shiplap’ cupcakes, to red velvet, to cookies, and cinnamon buns.  And let me tell you, each one was so freakin’ yummy!  Even the packaging was to die for.  We got them to-go, so they were put in cute little black “lunch box” style paper boxes with wooden forks.  Of course, while waiting in line for the bakery, there were shelves decked with kitchen supplies for purchase.  Everything from rolling pins, to aprons, to tea towels and cookbooks.  It was so cute. I wanted it ALL.  We took our desserts out to the patio next to the bakery and enjoyed our cupcakes at a bistro table.

We then ventured into the store and I had no idea where to begin.  I was overwhelmed with “I want that”…”No, that”…”Wait, I want both”….”But i’ll die if I don’t have that”, etc. – you get the point.  While they do have a shipping station, I wanted to be able to take whatever I bought on the plane back to Massachusetts, so my wallet was happy that I limited myself to smaller, easy to pack items.  We spent probably 2 hours in the store, wandering around looking at the beautiful displays, and trying to decide how we could fit large architectural pieces in our carry on.   In the end, I walked away with the cutest tiered dessert tray, some artificial tulips, a wreath, a few small planters, a metal home sign, and a spoon dish (below is how I styled them in my own home, and where you can buy them online).



After walking out with a few bags, and a happy heart, we spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing on the lawn, grabbing some yummy treats from the food trucks, checking out their Seed & Supply store, and truly enjoying the atmosphere by the Silos.  It was so much more than a home-decor store, more than a bakery.  It was a park, you are encouraged to sit outside, enjoy the warm texas air, spend time with your friends and family, and the other travelers that came to Waco for the same reason you did.

I left with inspiration for my home, an overwhelming feeling of happiness, and a full tummy.  Waco, you have stolen a little place in my heart and I’ll be back!  Who’s with me?


Home Script Wall Expression | Tiered Tower (sold out), Similar | Mini Sap Can Planter | Spoon Dish (sold out) | Terra Cotta Magnolia Established Planter | Wreath (sold out) | Tulip Stems