Here in the Berkshires, we still have about 6″ of snow that has not melted, with predicted storms this week.  Most of the Winter, I love the snow and all the feels that come with it.  But, mid-March is when I start to feel like I need to move out West or down South – ya feel me?  Especially when it’s the FIRST DAY OF SPRING!  I am ready to hear the birds chirping, ready to see the tulips sprout, and ready to get outside without my winter parka.

To try and get in the Spring spirit, I decided to make a spring hoop wreath for the front door!  It was literally one of the easiest DIY’s i’ve done, and cost me under $20 for the entire thing!  Seriously, I don’t care how crafty you are, I promise this is a DIY you can handle.

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • 14″ Floral Hoop (the one I bought was silver, so I spray painted it gold) – You could also use an embroidery hoop
  • -Gold spray paint (if you also need to spray yours!)
  • -Artificial flowers and greenery of your choice (I bought 3 stems of flowers that came with greenery already on them)
  • -Wire cutters
  • Leather cording
  • -Glue gun
  • -Floral wire
  • Key ring

Some of this I already had, and I bought everything else at Michaels – with a coupon, of course!  Don’t ever buy anything there without your coupons.  I use the app on my phone, and saved 20% off most of the items this time.

PS. Anyone see that cute little nose sniffing the flowers?

First Step

Spray your hoop gold, or the color of your choice.  Could look really cool painted black with white flowers and lots of greenery.  That will have to be my next one!

Second Step

You’ll want to cut all of the flower heads off the long stems, as well as all of the leaves and greenery.  Leave about 1/2″ – 2″ on the flower stems.

Third Step

I laid out the flowers the way I thought I would want them on the wreath.  Once I had decided on the order and placement, I started by attaching the large flowers first.  I used the glue gun to hold the flower in place, and then used floral wire to wrap around the stem and the hoop to secure them together.

Once I had the large flowers in place, I added the greenery.  There was really no right or wrong way, but I tried to layer them in a way that you couldn’t see the stems and floral wire from the front of the wreath.  Don’t look at the back though, it ain’t pretty!

Last Step

The last thing I did (before proudly hanging it from the front door) was to attach the leather cording as a way to hang the wreath.  I cut the leather cording to a piece about 10″ long.  I strung the key ring on the cording and then used my hot glue gun to secure the two ends together, with the hoop inside the two ends.  Just for design, I used brown thread and a needle to stitch an “X” at the end of the leather cording.  There is no actual need for the “X”, because the hot glue is holding it in place.  This is just for looks!

Now go hang that beautiful wreath that took you all of 15 minutes to make from your front door!  You’ll be so proud of yourself for creating something so beautiful, and it’s sure to add some curb appeal to your front entrance!  Make sure you share your own wreaths with me, I’d love to see how they come out!  Good luck!