Has anyone else been extremely shocked at the price tag when trying to buy a file cabinet – yup, I just said file cabinet.  Something so boring, but so freakin’ expensive!  I refused to pay over $200, like Staples was asking so I went to our local Habitat for Humanity Restore and found an old cabinet that still worked great, and brought that sucker home for $35.  Seriously…never pay full price for a file cabinet.  You can always find them at tag sales, Restore, and second hand stores.

And to stay consistent with my spray-paint-everything-black obsession, I did just that to this file cabinet.

The easy part about this DIY, is that you only need 3 supplies – sand paper (I used 80 grit course), chalk board spray paint (I used Rustoleum), and chalk.  I already had the spray paint and chalk, but it would cost under $10 to buy it all.

First, I sanded it down to roughen it up so the paint would adhere to it better.  Then, I took it outside and spray painted the entire thing with a chalk board black paint.  After a few coats, and letting it completely dry, I used the side edge of a piece of chalk and ran it over the entire cabinet.

For the last step, I took an old rag and wiped it down, smudging the chalk so it wasn’t actually powdery, but had that antique chalky look.  I bought a piece of antique scrapbook paper from Michael’s, printed some tags on it, and cut them up to use as the labels on each drawer.

Done!  That’s it!  Now I have a file cabinet that aesthetically looks better in my office, but also cost me a fraction of the cost!  Under $45!  One of the best DIY hacks I’ve done yet!