Magnolia Market has become a tourist attraction for thousands of people – weekly.  I am no different than any other Chip & Joanna fan, and planned a girls trip to Waco to experience the compound that the infamous couple has created.  Any change you get to go – GO.  You will not be disappointed.  It is so much more than a home decor store…SO much more!

For Valentines Day this year, we are actually planning to join the other romantic couples and dine out.  We’re headed to the famous Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA.  We were given a gift card and figured why not use it for a special occasion.  We love going out to eat, and traditionally we skip the dessert menu and head home for dessert.  This year, I decided to make heart-shaped oreo truffles (following my mom’s recipe of Oreo truffle balls that she makes every Christmas!).  Matt has such a sweet tooth, so I know I’ll win him over with these!   Even if you plan to stay home on Valentines Day like we typically do, or if you have little ones that you want to surprise – these are sure to please everyone! They’re so easy, have very few ingredients, and I mean c’mon, they involve Oreos – what’s not to love?

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