Decor storage is something I’ve always struggled with in this tiny house, and with my decor obsession.  There’s holiday decor, there’s seasonal decor, and then there’s the Homegoods-obsession decor.  Because I like my house to feel fresh, and “pretty” at all times, I often change out what is on my mantle, what throw pillows and blankets are displayed on my beds & sofas, and what centerpieces and linens are creating my tablescapes.  I also don’t like to donate, sell, or trash any of my old decor because I know I will use it again; hence why decor storage is a real problem!  Here’s how I try to organize my surplus of home “things”.

If you’ve been following my blog for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me complain about our tiny house before, hence the need for small bathroom organization.  Our bathrooms are no different than the rest of the rooms in the house – teeny tiny, itty bitty.   We have 1 full bath, and 1 half bath.  Today, I am talking about how I organized our small half bathroom to maximize storage space and functionality without compromising how cute and charming the bathroom actually is.   Because let’s face it – how pretty the bathroom is, is just as important as how functional it is!

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring here in the Berkshires.   We had a long Winter, then we had a few days of Spring Summer (I’m talking 75 degrees) in February, and then we got hit, hard, again for our second winter.  Needless to say, the sounds of birds chirping, the scent of fresh air coming through my windows, and the longer hours of sunshine are exactly what I needed to feel motivated.  Every year, I try to pick a few cleaning or organization projects to tackle while I’m feeling fresh + rejuvenated.  This year, I decided to start by organizing our linen closet (which is mostly a catch-all closet).  Stay tuned for part 2 and part 3 of my Spring cleaning and organizing.  Here’s how I tackled the linen closet.

It’s two days before Easter, and I’m just getting my Easter recipe to you all.  I promise though that this is one you’ll want to last-minute-add to the menu for this years dinner.   I’ll be completely honest with you all.  My family is not overly religious.  I completely respect religion and the importance it has for so many people, but I personally have not led a religion-driven lifestyle.  That’s not to say that I don’t know the importance of Easter, or why it is celebrated.  In my family, however, Easter’s most important meaning has always been that we dedicate the day to a good meal, good company, and we all make sure to put our busy lives and distractions aside to be together.   It’s a day we all look forward to.  But, mostly, I look forward to my mom’s pineapple casserole, which is what I’m bringing to you today.  It’s literally Easter’s best side dish.   Try it, ladies.  I promise you won’t regret this sweet accompaniment to a beautiful dinner.

I’m going to start with a quick confession…I’ve set my table twice (two different ways) for Easter, and we aren’t even hosting.  Nope, not one person will eat at these place settings.  Not one.  I can’t lie to you guys.  This was purely for my styling-obsessed self, and my love of decor.   Ok, phew – I got that out of the way.  But c’mon…look at these tables!

I decided to style our table in two different ways to prove to my all-black-everything loving self that setting the table for Easter can include black accents.  And drum roll please…… works!  The other table I styled was done with the traditional pastels and florals.  I can’t decide if I love one more than the other, they’re both beautiful.

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