meet kelsey

Hi!  I’m Kelsey, a part time home-renovator, part time style guru (on the rare occasion I get out of leggings and tshirts), part time reality TV-addict, and full time wife and puppy mom.  I live in the beautiful Berkshires in Massachusetts, where the winters are buried in snow, the summers are filled with vacationers, and the fall is literally picture-perfect.  I try to approach all things in life with love….and Lola – my fluffy, squishy, little four-legged BFF.

This is a place where I hope to share, advise, vent, confide, and confess all of life’s little moments with you (I’ll try to keep the venting to a minimum and the sharing of all things home décor and style to a maximum).  I also promise to include cute little Lola sightings…I promise you’ll fall in love with her.  Thanks for following along on my journey through life!