We’ve lived in this house for 3 years and I’ve hated how tiny and closed in our entryway is.  When you first walk into our house, you are quickly greeted by our 3-sided brick fireplace that jets right out into the room.  Don’t get me wrong, I love painted brick – but it’s a little in-your-face, ya know?  That, coupled with an out of style front door and little space for a coat rack or table – it’s just not ideal.

One day it dawned on me that although I can’t smash through the fireplace with a hammer (yet), and I can’t make this space any larger – I can at least make it prettier.   And let’s face it, this space needs a lot of prettying up.

Exhibit A:

The god-awful ‘before’.

Ok, we can all agree that this is quite possibly the ugliest entry in the history of entrances.  Ok, maybe there are worse out there – but this is right up there with the worst of them, yeah?

Light bulb moment – paint the interior side of the door!  Why hadn’t I thought of that 3 years ago?  I ran right out to Sherwin Williams and picked up a color that contrasts the wall colors (Sherwin Williams Repose Gray).  I thought about painting it black (my obsession with painting everything black continues…) but I ended up with Sherwin Williams Attitude Gray because it ties in some wall art we have in our dining room.  Plus, that space can be a little dark at certain times of the day, so the black might not help.

Painting the door drew attention to the trim, so that also got a fresh coat of white paint.  It took one afternoon and the cost of a quart of paint, and done!  It looks so much better!   At least until we decide to smash through some walls and re-do the whole space.  My husband is somewhere reading this and rolling his eyes right now.

Anyways…check out how our front door and entryway looks now!  I’d say it’s an improvement and I think this quick fix can update even the already-prettiest of entryways, so it’s worth the try in your home too!  Throw up a wreath – which I have yet to do (my tutorial for a hoop wreath can be found here) and you are good to go!