It’s two days before Easter, and I’m just getting my Easter recipe to you all.  I promise though that this is one you’ll want to last-minute-add to the menu for this years dinner.   I’ll be completely honest with you all.  My family is not overly religious.  I completely respect religion and the importance it has for so many people, but I personally have not led a religion-driven lifestyle.  That’s not to say that I don’t know the importance of Easter, or why it is celebrated.  In my family, however, Easter’s most important meaning has always been that we dedicate the day to a good meal, good company, and we all make sure to put our busy lives and distractions aside to be together.   It’s a day we all look forward to.  But, mostly, I look forward to my mom’s pineapple casserole, which is what I’m bringing to you today.  It’s literally Easter’s best side dish.   Try it, ladies.  I promise you won’t regret this sweet accompaniment to a beautiful dinner.